Monday, August 11, 2008

Not That Anyone Cares....

but I am trying to decide how to get my wetsuit out to California so I hopefully get in an ocean swim or two while I am out there on vacation.

Now normal people would probably take it easy if they were on vacation...not me.

I have already located a YMCA which is about 2 mies from my relatives house and have already called and got the Spin schedule...which means I will be packing my bike shoes along with my swim gear.

I was going to ship everything out there in the mail but that would mean I would have to teach my Wednesday class w/o my shoes which is not going to happen plus if I mailed it I would have to insure the thing since I paid a pretty penny for both my bike shoes and wetsuit.

I think I am just going to take the wetsuit in my carry on and pack the rest of my gear in my checked luggage.

I guess everyone can sleep easier now....

This morning's Interval Spin workout playlist:

Well got to get ready and head to bed...4:30 am comes early

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