Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Nothing much to report on training wise today...

I had a few appointments after work so I had to miss the gym and the Crystal Lake simulator this evening. I was going to ride he bike this evening but my knee has been hurting again and I am rationing my patches since my insurance is run by a bunch of pinko commies and won't cover them...

So I am sitting here at home in the dark...trying to motivate myself to start packing. I am surfing the internet looking at triathlon shirts. T-shirts are the extra bonus of doing a race. I was think about designing one to commemorate Season 1 but I have no artistic talent. I am so bad I can't even draw a stick figure...
Apparently they look something like this according to a Google search:
Now I have been here for the past hour and this is the best I can come up with(even using MS paint):
Poor guy looks like he is in pain....

Anyway here are my Top 5 favorite designs:
So it looks like all the good ideas are taken...I might need professional help
Well I have wasted enough of your time hopefully so I better get packing since I have to teach in the morning.

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