Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

So being the day before the Pine Bush Triathlon I decided to chronicle my day full of fun and getting prepared:

5:00 AM : Woke up when Sirius Radio alarm went off...forgot to turn it off last night...roll over and go back to sleep
8:00 AM : Wake up, lay in bed stretch and do leg lifts while reading and listening to the radio.
9:00 AM : Roll out of bed, check email, and start cleaning the house
11:00 AM : Haircut...told my stylist I wanted something that would help me run faster
2:00 PM : Reality starts to set in...I'm going to do a triathlon...
3:00 PM : Leave House to go pick up race packet and a few last items for tomorrow
-Stop at the office and pick up digital camera battery
4:15 PM : Arrive at Guilderland YMCA and picked up my Race packet and get marked.
Number "123" a simple number for a simple person

4:45 PM : Stop at grocery store and Hallmark to get Helium balloons
I also decided that I would go ahead and pick up a race belt to hold my number during the run portion. So I knew that they sold them at Fleet Feet where I got my shoes and when I got there one of the ladies who I was in the Tri-club with and who I had just seen at the YMCA had just bought the last one. She tried to give it to me but I declined, being a gentleman and all, saying I would rather today be the day that something goes wrong rather than tomorrow. I then went all over town looking for a race belt to use but to no avail. So I, being the innovative and Boy Scout made my own. A year or so ago I made a belt to wear when I went water skiing out of an old karate belt and a clip from an old cd player holder, luckily I remembered I brought to Albany with me...after 10 minutes of dancing around going:
"I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T! I mean S-M-A-R-T... " I finally stopped when I noticed no one was around to laugh.
I would post a picture but it is already packed in the car...I will try to remember to do it tomorrow evening in my post race report.
7:30 PM : Got home and started some spaghetti noodles and started did a final once over of my gear and pack it in the car

FREYJA strapped in
Swimming Gear

Transition 1 and 2 gear
The Balloons are so I can pick my stuff out from the other 449 bikes and equipment. Funny story about the black milk crate. I had the red one already in my car and asked around to see if anyone had one I could borrow which was NO. So coming home last night I thought ....What the heck I will go will stop at the store and ask if I could have one...Plan B was to steal one. Anyway I was surprised that they were very nice about it and said I could have two but only took one (stupid, stupid Chad) Usually they are protective of stuff like that but the Chad Burdette charm worked, now if it would only work on females.
8:30 PM : Eat/quick dip in the pool to cool off/Watch DVD and write this blog entry
10:30 PM : Bed
I think the race organizers are a sadistic lot. I am in the last heat of the race and the heat before me is the 45-49 age group so I might be swimming over people.

I think I am ready...My knee is a tad bit sore but I have been going easy on it the past few days and my groin has been twinging but nothing major.

Well I need to get my drinks packed so I can just grab them as I go out the door then hopefully in bed by 10:30 so I can be up by 5 AM another words just like a normal day in the life.

See you in the morning....

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