Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let the Countdown Begin...

So if you have been to the actual blog you will see that I have a countdown till it is time to race again. Thing is that the next month and a half leading up to the race is going to be pretty busy.

July 28th -August 3: Normal week, subbing the 5:30am Spin class on Tuesday
August 4th - 10th: Normal week, planning on heading to Boston the 8th - 10th to scout out the race course.
August 11th - 14th: Busy Week with work and packing and getting ready to go on vacation
August 15th - 24th: In California on vacation, have already started looking for a YMCA to use so I can still do some training and working out
August 25th - 28th: Back to work and recovering
August 29th - September 1st: Labor day, either going to be in Vermont or Boston not sure yet but will be taking my bike with me either place.
September 2nd -18th: Back to the Doctor to have my knee reevaluated, nothing planned as of yet except for really getting ready for the race
September 19th - 20th: Head over to Boston and race prep
September 21st: RACE DAY
Yeah it's going to be a busy and hectic month and a half but I think I can stay focused. One thing that I really want to focus on is trying to drop some weight. This means one thing for me...going easy on the BEER. I occasionally like to kick back in the evening and have a brew after a long day of work and on the weekends knock a few back but I am not going to do what I did 2 weeks before my first race...Go to BeerFest. Now I have only skimmed the NUTRITION chapter in the Triathlete's Bible but I don't remember seeing anything that advocates large amounts of beer 2 weeks before a race...if you have a copy that does, let's trade.

That was one of the great things after the Pine Bush was the Tri Club picnic...uh I had..uh...well...okay I didn't count but I had my fair share and felt no guilt because I earned it that morning.

Anyway I am feeling good right now and looking forward to race day...

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