Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Monday

So the race is 6 days away...

Today was just blah... I didn't get much sleep last night, it was one of those nights where you look at the clock roll over then roll back over see its a hour or so later then wonder "Did I go to Sleep?"

Spinning class went well, only had 7 people in there but I think thats good for summer and coming off a holiday weekend.

I went to the doctor...NO least yet. He said I have a really bad strain and there is a good chance if I push it during the race I might tear the muscle...another layer of excitement has just been added to my first race. I just hope I don't get the feeling like I got last Tuesday, not going to go into much detail but it felt like a chorus line taking turns kicking me in the crotch.

Took the bike to the shop...I am almost on a first name basis with one of the guys. Anyway the squaking was apparently caused by the wheel hub being to tight or something. I really need to order this book I saw online about road bike maintenance and repair.

Was too worn out to do anything this evening except lay out in the pool and float around, it was soooo nice.

Tomorrow I am going to go to Crystal Lake and do the Open Water swim. It will be a chance to tryout my new goggles which have red lenses.

I will probably start posting the race legs and transition gear tomorrow.

Well off to the bed with me.

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