Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stage 2: Transitions and Bike

The second leg of the race is the bike which is an 11.5 mile ride from the lake to the Guilderland YMCA.

After exiting the water you have to run up a nice short but steep incline, hope over the wood guardrail and then you are in the Transition 1 area.

Sunday this place will be packed with all the bikes. I think I am going to aim for a spot at the top near the building. So once you get to the transition area the object is to get ob your bike ASAP. This is the stuff I will have for my first transition:
TOP (L-R) Running shirt, Gatorade (to recharge), Helmet (new), towel and water to clean and dry feet.
BOTTOM:Bike shoes and socks, baby powder(get socks and shirt on), bike gloves, Sunglasses, IT Band(for my knee), Shorts (not actual pair I am going to wear)

I will have this in a milk crate so I can sit on the thing and work. Then I can start my bike journey...

The Bike -- The biking leg of the triathlon is 11.5 miles. It begins at the southern end of the lake and follows the paved path west. It turns south on Rapp Road going over the Thruway then turns west on Washington Ave. Extension. At the end of Washington Ave. Extension it turns north on Route 155 / New Karner Road and then west onto Old State Road. Here it re-enters parts of the scenic Pine Bush Preserve and leaves the City of Albany into the Town of Guilderland. The course continues west on Old State Road through the intersection of Route 146 / Carmen Road. It turns south on Fuller Station Road and then east on Route 20 / Western Ave. It follows Western Ave. east past Route 146 and turns south on Mercy Care Lane which leads into the transition area.

I have ridden part of the route about a month ago and it is not that bad. I also drove it last week. There is only one really big hill but you get enough momentum from coming down the hill that you really down't have to work that hard to finish it.

Overall I am not worried about the bike. Still not really comfortable on the bike but I think that I should be alright.

Once you get to the YMCA you go into the Transition 2 area for the final part of the race: the run. I am including it here because both trasition times are included in your bike time.

Not as much stuff for this transition. I will keep the sunglasses, shorts, and IT band and ditch everything else. I will probably switch to a t-shirt but I am not sure which I am going to wear right now.

Well tomorrow I will go over the run part which I am not looking forward too.

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