Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gearing up...again

So last night I talked to George, who is one of the Spin instructors at the gym who has actually completed an Iron Man Race. I was getting some pointers on swimming in the ocean and seeing if a wetsuit would be worth getting for my upcoming race and what I should look for in one. Basically he said it would be a useful thing to have even though he felt my swim technique was really strong.

I am planning on making a day trip up to Lake Placid, NY to actually try on the wetsuits instead of trying to order one blindly on the internet and risk getting one that does not fit correctly.

Today I was on Chainlove and picked up a pair of cycling glasses.
The pair of glasses I have been using are a bit too dark and its hard to see the road. I have been looking for a pair of these glasses with the polarized lenses that you can switch but I wasn't ready to pay $150 for a pair. But I got a good deal on these and will check them out and if I don't like them I will just send them back because they have a great and easy return policy.

Probably also going to look into getting a different shirt for the ride if I don't get a cycling jersey before the race.

So here is an article which came out this afternoon about the recent deaths during triathlons this season.

Recent Triathlon Deaths Have Experts Searching for Answers

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