Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stage 1:Splish Splash...

I love to Swim...I have been swimming competitively since I was 5 years old and swimming for the Elkland pool swim team during the summers. Sure there were a few years where I am sure I would have quit if I could have but I am glad my parents made me keep at it. Now I was never a great swimmer but as I said I enjoyed it. I swam two years in High School and even made All County Honorable Mention. The one thing that slowed me up though was my weight issues. Well now that I lost most of that weight and am in better shape (not Micheal Phelps shape...I wish) I am a much better swimmer.

Tonight I went to Crystal Lake and did the swimming part of the course which is roughly 0.55 miles. It felt good to be in the open water. Besides going boating, really the only other time I have done a true Open Water swim was at Scout Camp when I did the mile swim (6 times). I feel really confined swimming laps in the pool and I usually have to deal with someone who is a much slower swimmer than I am or flops around and slaps/kicks me, even if we are sharing the lane.

Not really sure how long the swim took me but I felt good a was a middle of the pack swimmer which was nice because I got to feel what it was like not only to be passed but to pass people. I think the thing tht worries me the most about the swim on Sunday is getting kicked in the face...If I do someone is going down with me. My goggles (red tinted) worked perfect and I had no problems with fogging or water seepage. I also worked on my sighting which I am still trying to get used doing without losing momentum or messing up my stroke cadence. So overall I the swim part is going to be my strongest part of the race. Below is a picture of the swim route.

It starts then takes a 90 degree turn left then its a head on swim to the beach and Transition 1 area. All in all only 325 yards which is basically what I do for a warm up.

Tomorrow I will go over Transition 1 and the Bike portion of the race*

*Dependant on how I feel after the final Tri-club meeting which is a pre race prep and cookout...my kind of workout...

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