Sunday, July 20, 2008

This, That, and What-Not

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So it has been a pretty crappy weekend...

Friday night I stopped at the gym on the way home to get a swim in (gotta get ready for the race in September) and I had just finished 300 yards and the lifeguard grabs my arm and tells me they are closing the pool due to lightening and thunder so I leave the gym and head home and pop in the feel good documentary of 2006 The Bridge (see review on my other blog) while planning my morning 15 mile bike ride. So after waking up at 5am(I really need to remember to turn off the alarm clock) and rolling over and sleeping until 7:30 when I finally got up and headed out the door on my ride. A mile or so into the ride the front wheel started making noise again so I turned around and came back to the house and spent the next 2 hours or so trying to figure out what was wrong using the book on bike maintainance I bought to try and work on the front brake calipers needless to say I had no luck so it is going to the shop tomorrow. I then putzed around the house until about 3 and went to the gym and did 50 minutes on the Crosstrainer and 30 minutes in the pool then came home.

This morning I got up early again and loaded music from my desktop onto the laptop so I can sync it with the Ipod. I then headed to the gym and did the 9:30 am Spin class. I walked in and the lady who liked my class thought I was teaching and was disappointed when I told her I was just there to take the class. I think I am going to start going to the Sunday morning Master's Swimming again at 8:30 then run up to the Spin class so I can get used to the Swim to Bike feeling. After that I left the gym and went to Barnes and Noble to look at the new Bible I just ordered......
I looked at some other books but this one looked the best and has some good reviews .

While I was in line for Dark Knight I started to pick songs for my Spin class tomorrow night. I had a list almost done but I decided that since I was having a crappy weekend the least I could do was to take it out on them. Currently have 48 songs I need to get down to about 16-18 which is usually an hour. It is going to be a anaerobic interval workout...I can't if I could just find my watch for my heart rate monitor. I'll try to remember to post the set list tomorrow. I was going to go in the Spin room and work on it but I got to the gym late and I wanted to get a swim in which didn't happen. One, I wasn't feeling it and two I was sharing a lane with "floppsy mcflops alot" and I was against the wall. So I did about a 500 and called it a night.

So I go to the doctor this week about my knee which should be fun...things just keep getting better...NOT!

well to bed with me sortly got to teach in the morning also...

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