Thursday, July 3, 2008

Welcome to My New Blog

First off….Welcome to my new Blog.

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my sports related experiences, antecedents, thoughts, and injuries.

Over the past few months I have been posting this type of stuff on my regular blog but felt that the time had come and I was doing this on a regular basis that it would warrant its own separate blog…which of course is !BONK! Confessions of a Would Be Tri-Athlete. Since the beginning of the year I have been training for my first sprint Triathlon by participating in the Tri-Club at the gym. Through this experience I have met people who are experienced tri-athletes and noobies like me. I am also a Mad Dogg certified Spinning Instructor and teach and sub at the local YMCA's.

Now for me coming up with a name for the blog was hard but I think I came up with cool and catchy one. It took me awhile but after looking at the jargon associated with the sport I came up with the current title.

Bonking" or "Bonk" is the term used to describe the feeling of running out of energy. It's the point where your body has depleted its glycogen reserves and it feels like you absolutely have no energy or fuel in your body at all. Most triathletes have great "bonk" stories…just ask them. The best way to not bonk while you are training or racing is to eat often. Your body has about an hours worth of glycogen stored, its important to not deplete all of this reserve while training or racing cause once its gone, it will take a long time to restore your depleted tank.

This term and a little idea stealing from one of my favorite documentaries, Confessions of a Superhero, which is about would-be actors in Hollywood, captures my somewhat twisted look when it comes to me and anything sports related.

Anyway I hope you come back…if nothing else to hear all the injury stories…they don't call me MR. LUCKY at work for nothing.


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