Thursday, July 31, 2008


I can't sleep!

I should be worn out but for some reason I can't fall asleep. It's close to 2 am which means I have all most been up 24hrs.
-Got up at 4:45 since I had to teach Spin this morning at the Albany YMCA
-Went to work
-Went to the gymand did and 1.5 hrs of strength training on the cross trainer then swam an hour with the Master Swimmers

I should be out cold...but I am not

I laid down at my normal time of 9:30 pm and since then I have been up and down, tried reading, relaxation/meditation techniques, and even played solitaire and Monopoly on my Ipod. My head is racing at 100 mph and I can't getsong Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park out of my head.

I mean I have pills to help me sleep but I don't like to take them

I don't know guess I should go back upstairs and stare at the ceiling some more

I hate this....

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