Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good to Go...(For Now)

So I went to see my orthopedic doctor this afternoon to have wrist and knee checked out:
The doctor said my wrist should be fine. He pulled the MRI report that I everything looked good and in alignment. In his opinion the discomfort I still have is due to the way the bones broke.

A normal across the bone fracture
The way mine broke (may have drawn it going the wrong way)

Basically because mine went diagonal into the joint then that was probably the reason for the continued pain that I have.

Right Knee:
He said that the tendinitis in my knee was pretty noticeable due to the amount of swelling and inflammation. He told me that I should continue to ice it, avoid stairs when possible, and adjust my workouts so I am not over excreting it. He also gave me this new Flector patch which is an anti inflammatory that I have to wear 12 hrs a day (except when I am sleeping) The highlight of the night was shaving my knee at the gym so I don't pull any hair off my wookie like legs.

He said at this time I could go ahead and do my race in mid Sept. but I have to go back at the beginning of the month for a checkup. Worse case scenario the tendon could become like a peanut shell and they would have to go in an repair it but I would be healed in time for next season.

So I registered this evening for the The Fantastic Nantasket Beach Triathlon
on September 21st. More to come on this...

okay...tired...not much sleep last night...maybe tonight


Emma said...

If you haven't already, you might want to have the bike shop make sure that your positioning on the bike is OK for your knees - cleat and seat position can be big factors there.

Why all the way in MA? Nothing closer? Maybe Shawn will join you!

Wil said...

Ouch, heal quickly brother. Good to hear you're on the mend!