Thursday, July 31, 2008


I can't sleep!

I should be worn out but for some reason I can't fall asleep. It's close to 2 am which means I have all most been up 24hrs.
-Got up at 4:45 since I had to teach Spin this morning at the Albany YMCA
-Went to work
-Went to the gymand did and 1.5 hrs of strength training on the cross trainer then swam an hour with the Master Swimmers

I should be out cold...but I am not

I laid down at my normal time of 9:30 pm and since then I have been up and down, tried reading, relaxation/meditation techniques, and even played solitaire and Monopoly on my Ipod. My head is racing at 100 mph and I can't getsong Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park out of my head.

I mean I have pills to help me sleep but I don't like to take them

I don't know guess I should go back upstairs and stare at the ceiling some more

I hate this....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gearing up...again

So last night I talked to George, who is one of the Spin instructors at the gym who has actually completed an Iron Man Race. I was getting some pointers on swimming in the ocean and seeing if a wetsuit would be worth getting for my upcoming race and what I should look for in one. Basically he said it would be a useful thing to have even though he felt my swim technique was really strong.

I am planning on making a day trip up to Lake Placid, NY to actually try on the wetsuits instead of trying to order one blindly on the internet and risk getting one that does not fit correctly.

Today I was on Chainlove and picked up a pair of cycling glasses.
The pair of glasses I have been using are a bit too dark and its hard to see the road. I have been looking for a pair of these glasses with the polarized lenses that you can switch but I wasn't ready to pay $150 for a pair. But I got a good deal on these and will check them out and if I don't like them I will just send them back because they have a great and easy return policy.

Probably also going to look into getting a different shirt for the ride if I don't get a cycling jersey before the race.

So here is an article which came out this afternoon about the recent deaths during triathlons this season.

Recent Triathlon Deaths Have Experts Searching for Answers


So I am posting this from work via Email...hopefully it works.

So I was just taking a break from the ever exciting world of Corporate Compliance and found these two articles. This past weekend 2 more people died doing Triathlons:

New Jersey

Maybe I need to draw up my Last Will and Testament now and take out more insurance.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Social Pariah

So I think I must lie in bed at night thinking the following: "What can I do tomorrow that will continue to out me as a social pariah?

Well for tomorrow's 5:30am Spin class I think I have really out done myself. Now not to stereotype my fellow geeks but when normal people think of those of us who collect, read, and enjoy comic books (they are not GRAPHIC NOVELS) the first thing that probably comes to mind is the following picture:

So the title my class is UP, UP, & AWAY: WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO? Yes, I have somehow managed to combine my two obsessions: Spinning and Comic books. I mean who wouldn't want to have super powers?

One thing I have learned from reading and collecting comics is that at anytime I can be in an accident and possibly walk away with some type of superpower. I am sure that everyone at some point in their life wished they had superpowers. We all want to see through things orto be able to crush cars with our bare hands. Why? Who knows. But once you had a few crushed cars lying around your yard, you can bet you'd come up with a use for them. Super powers are why astronauts do what they do, I'm sure of it. Out in the zero gravity of space I bet you feel superhuman.

"Look, I can lift this twelve ton satellite...with my pinkie!"

Anyway, it would be my luck that I would get some type of superpower that was really lame like the ability to add numbers in my head really quick or have enhnaced senses that only told me when items have gone bad in the fridge.

So putting together a Superhero related playlist is not the easiest thing to do. There are a ton of songs out with references to the Big Blue Boy Scout, Superman but finding songs with other heroes is a bit harder. Sure there are songs from the various soundtracks from movies like Batman and other properties but who really likes Batdance by Prince? Now I am not a big Superman fan so in this workout as you can see below starts out with the Superman Theme and then I kill him. Also in this mix I give the one guy who gets no respect, some respect finally...talking about Aquaman, sure it's debatable as to if talking to fish is really a superpower but I am sure he could be a cool character if done right. I can really identify with Aquaman especially in these songs about him, but you will have to find out for yourself.

The Playlist:

"You guys think just because a guy reads comics he can't start some %&#%$?"


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Confession: Why I Really Tri

"Because it is there."
George Mallory (1886-1924), answer to the question 'Why do you want to climb Mt. Everest ?'

Driving home from Connecticut this evening I was listening to this podcast on the sport of triathlon called Get Your Geek On. The show is hosted by two triathletes who talk about different aspects of the sport and provide coaching tips and motivational advice. One segment that they do is called "Surprise a Triathlete" where they call one of the listeners or tri bloggers and basically talk about how and why they got into triathlon. This got me thinking what would my response be if I had to truthfully answer that question so here it is:

I have now lived in the Albany for 2 years and if you had told me when I first moved here that in 2 years I would have done a triathlon and getting ready to do another one I would have laughed. If I had to give a one-word answer for why I now Tri it would be BOREDOM. Back when I joined the YMCA a few months after I started work. My main goal was to lose weight and get into shape so I could feel better about myself. I was at the gym twice a day, first thing in the morning and in the evenings and lost 40 lbs in 6 months. Yes I as I said I was trying to get in shape but I was also bored and the idea of sitting at home alone doing nothing doesn't appeal to me. Going to the gym was also a way for to release the stress in a constructive manner. When I broke my wrist I was still goin to the gym twice a day...and sitting in the hot tub. Wednesday evenings I remember sitting in the hot tub and seeing this group of people swimming laps and then get out and the next thing I knew they were dressed in their running clothes and congregating at the entrance (which can be seen from the pool area). One day I happened to strike up a conversation with one of the guys in the locker room and he mentioned he was in the tri-club and I think I said that was cool and something I had never done or thought I could do.

Flash forward to January and I was taking one of Lisa's Spin classes and she was talking about how she was training for a race and I thought that it sounded interesting and she had already convinced me to become a certified Spin instructor and told me that I should consider stopping by the tri club informational meeting. So having nothing else to do, because my life was boring and I was getting sick of working out twice a day, I went and figured that I had nothing else going on so I would give it a try at least for one session. I continued on because it provided a social thing I really don't have.

By the time the race rolled around yeah I was excited, but in a sense it was just the next step in the process. It was a huge accomplishment but I see it as merely a first step. I want to do longer races...perhaps a long term goal of an IRON MAN in the future.

Well right now I got the free time... and it's there...

Tour de France Name Dropping

So this morning I was watching the last stage of the Tour de France. All I can say is I wish I could ride like that. I actually went to Montessori School with Will Frischkorn one of the members of the Slipstream Sports Team.
Here is a really cool article about him.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Let the Countdown Begin...

So if you have been to the actual blog you will see that I have a countdown till it is time to race again. Thing is that the next month and a half leading up to the race is going to be pretty busy.

July 28th -August 3: Normal week, subbing the 5:30am Spin class on Tuesday
August 4th - 10th: Normal week, planning on heading to Boston the 8th - 10th to scout out the race course.
August 11th - 14th: Busy Week with work and packing and getting ready to go on vacation
August 15th - 24th: In California on vacation, have already started looking for a YMCA to use so I can still do some training and working out
August 25th - 28th: Back to work and recovering
August 29th - September 1st: Labor day, either going to be in Vermont or Boston not sure yet but will be taking my bike with me either place.
September 2nd -18th: Back to the Doctor to have my knee reevaluated, nothing planned as of yet except for really getting ready for the race
September 19th - 20th: Head over to Boston and race prep
September 21st: RACE DAY
Yeah it's going to be a busy and hectic month and a half but I think I can stay focused. One thing that I really want to focus on is trying to drop some weight. This means one thing for me...going easy on the BEER. I occasionally like to kick back in the evening and have a brew after a long day of work and on the weekends knock a few back but I am not going to do what I did 2 weeks before my first race...Go to BeerFest. Now I have only skimmed the NUTRITION chapter in the Triathlete's Bible but I don't remember seeing anything that advocates large amounts of beer 2 weeks before a race...if you have a copy that does, let's trade.

That was one of the great things after the Pine Bush was the Tri Club picnic...uh I had..uh...well...okay I didn't count but I had my fair share and felt no guilt because I earned it that morning.

Anyway I am feeling good right now and looking forward to race day...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Way To Much Free Time...

So I have had to much free time this evening.

Added two new thing to the blog layout (you all who get the email post will have to go look at the blog) to see the two things I have added to the layout...they are cool...okay one of them is me looking like a dork but that's nothing new...

Actual post tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good to Go...(For Now)

So I went to see my orthopedic doctor this afternoon to have wrist and knee checked out:
The doctor said my wrist should be fine. He pulled the MRI report that I everything looked good and in alignment. In his opinion the discomfort I still have is due to the way the bones broke.

A normal across the bone fracture
The way mine broke (may have drawn it going the wrong way)

Basically because mine went diagonal into the joint then that was probably the reason for the continued pain that I have.

Right Knee:
He said that the tendinitis in my knee was pretty noticeable due to the amount of swelling and inflammation. He told me that I should continue to ice it, avoid stairs when possible, and adjust my workouts so I am not over excreting it. He also gave me this new Flector patch which is an anti inflammatory that I have to wear 12 hrs a day (except when I am sleeping) The highlight of the night was shaving my knee at the gym so I don't pull any hair off my wookie like legs.

He said at this time I could go ahead and do my race in mid Sept. but I have to go back at the beginning of the month for a checkup. Worse case scenario the tendon could become like a peanut shell and they would have to go in an repair it but I would be healed in time for next season.

So I registered this evening for the The Fantastic Nantasket Beach Triathlon
on September 21st. More to come on this...

okay...tired...not much sleep last night...maybe tonight

It's Back

So I wasn't going to post anything tonight but my insomnia is back and I don't want to be upstairs staring at the ceiling, so if I have to suffer so do you...well I guess you could stop reading. So I did the 5:30am Spin Class this morning...gotta love hill attacks first thing in the morning.

I was considering going out to Crystal Lake and doing the Swim Course but it was pouring the rain so I went to the gym and figured I would do the evening Spin class. Got there around 4:30 figured I would make the class interesting by doing 450yds (swim distance of my next race....hopefully) swam the distance in about 10 minutes hopped out, changed and headed upstairs to the Spin room. When I got there the fitness director said that Lisa, who was subbing for Jen, was not able to make it and asked if I wanted to sub for the sub. So I said that I would since I had my stuff already there from last night's class. Basically did the same workout with a different playlist that I made up as I went. I told the class that tonight I would be a benevolent Go...instructor and let them choose 80's, 90's, current, or mix and the first response was 80's so thats what I used:
My book on running came today so I going to take it with me to read at the doctor's office. I hope I find something out about my wrist and knee...

Okay back upstairs to bed and try to to get up to teach Spin in 4 hrs

Monday, July 21, 2008

SPIN list and Sad News

As promised here is the playlist from my class tonight. I was working on it and finessing it until around 4 this afternoon.

Songs 1 and 2 were warmup
Songs 3,5,78,10,12,14,15 were anaerobic intervals
Songs 4,6,,9,11,13 were recovery
Songs 16 and 17 were Cool Down

Competitor dies during New York City triathlon

Found the story on today at work. Not a good year with a guy also dieing in an Iowa race a few weeks back. Puts things in perspective...though I still want to do the race in Mass. with the ocean swim. It just adds a sense of adventure to the whole thing, I mean the worst your going to probably get in a lake is some bacteria. Next year I am looking for Iron Man: Amazon ...with Piranhas. race rule: you must cut yourself before entering the water...I am sure there will be some records set.

Ok enough off to bed with me ... 4:30 comes early...yes WE ARE CRAZY!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

This, That, and What-Not

Feel free to leave comments (for those who get it through email just go right to the blog)
So it has been a pretty crappy weekend...

Friday night I stopped at the gym on the way home to get a swim in (gotta get ready for the race in September) and I had just finished 300 yards and the lifeguard grabs my arm and tells me they are closing the pool due to lightening and thunder so I leave the gym and head home and pop in the feel good documentary of 2006 The Bridge (see review on my other blog) while planning my morning 15 mile bike ride. So after waking up at 5am(I really need to remember to turn off the alarm clock) and rolling over and sleeping until 7:30 when I finally got up and headed out the door on my ride. A mile or so into the ride the front wheel started making noise again so I turned around and came back to the house and spent the next 2 hours or so trying to figure out what was wrong using the book on bike maintainance I bought to try and work on the front brake calipers needless to say I had no luck so it is going to the shop tomorrow. I then putzed around the house until about 3 and went to the gym and did 50 minutes on the Crosstrainer and 30 minutes in the pool then came home.

This morning I got up early again and loaded music from my desktop onto the laptop so I can sync it with the Ipod. I then headed to the gym and did the 9:30 am Spin class. I walked in and the lady who liked my class thought I was teaching and was disappointed when I told her I was just there to take the class. I think I am going to start going to the Sunday morning Master's Swimming again at 8:30 then run up to the Spin class so I can get used to the Swim to Bike feeling. After that I left the gym and went to Barnes and Noble to look at the new Bible I just ordered......
I looked at some other books but this one looked the best and has some good reviews .

While I was in line for Dark Knight I started to pick songs for my Spin class tomorrow night. I had a list almost done but I decided that since I was having a crappy weekend the least I could do was to take it out on them. Currently have 48 songs I need to get down to about 16-18 which is usually an hour. It is going to be a anaerobic interval workout...I can't if I could just find my watch for my heart rate monitor. I'll try to remember to post the set list tomorrow. I was going to go in the Spin room and work on it but I got to the gym late and I wanted to get a swim in which didn't happen. One, I wasn't feeling it and two I was sharing a lane with "floppsy mcflops alot" and I was against the wall. So I did about a 500 and called it a night.

So I go to the doctor this week about my knee which should be fun...things just keep getting better...NOT!

well to bed with me sortly got to teach in the morning also...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Time To Get Serious...

***Warning this post contains pictures that may frighten small children and may cause queasiness and projectile vomiting***

So one thing I have had to deal with all my life has been my weight. I never was skinny or even "in shape" until my senior year of College. Growing up I remember trying Weight Watchers and never really having much success. Recently I have had some successes but I always end up back at the beginning. People tell me I look fine now but I know how I feel and it was evident last week during the race that I have let myself go and it is time to get back on track and stay on track. Yeah I have been fooling myself that I had been trying hard to get the weight back off before the race but I was really fooling myself.

Early Pictures
Senior Year of High School
The College Years:
People talk about the "Freshman 15" well I think I had about 20 mainly due to the fact that I was coaching youth basketball and was ordering out every night after practice since I missed dining hours. My Sophomore and Junior years we not much better since I was the league director and had more responsibilities to handle. My senior year I decided I was sick of feeling like crap so I would go out and exercise when I was not in class, studying, or doing other activities. I started out that year close to 300lbs and was around 215lbs when I graduated.
Jr Year
beginning of Senior Yr
College Graduation

So after graduating from college and after graduate school did not pan out I was working 2 part time jobs and going to the YMCA when I could but I gradually began to put the weight back on. This trend continued until the end of my second year of graduate school two years second year of grad school, I was coming off of having my back surgury and it was obvious I was not going to be able to finish my Poli Sci MA in the 2 years because I had a whole sememter of work from when I was out having and recovering from the operation. I probably started the summer around 220 and was down to a nice 190lbs by the beginning of the semester. At this point I was in the gym working out with my friend who was an amauter boxer. I was feeling great about how I was looking.

Well at the end of the year I thought I would be finishing my second masters and moving on to bigger and better things...which did not happen. I ended up back home working a crappy job and I was going to the YMCA again but I did not have that motivation that I had before.
When I returned to WVU to finish my last semester I tried to go to the gym on a regular basis but was more focused on finishing my schooling. By Christmas I was getting back out of shape and not having access to the WVU rec center did not help even though I tried walking or jogging but I hurt my knee again so I had to put the stop to that. When it got to be warm enough I started trying to get back into rollerblading but I was just so worn out by the end of the day since I was substitute teaching.

Two years ago (almost to the the day) when I moved to Albany I was waaaay out of shape.
A few months after moving to the area I joined the YMCA and was consciously trying to drop weight. I changed my diet started working out at the gym religiously. I was 244 lbs when I joined the gym on that November and started my 2-a day workout session and really had gotten into shape. At the end of 3 months I had lost a total of 32lbs bottoming out around 200 before I broke my wrist last summer and basically gained everything back. I tried to continue SPINNING but having to use a sling just put so much stress on my back that it was not fun. Also before the accident I was on a schedule (which some called insane) of being able to get up and making it to the 5:30 am SPIN classes at the gym and then go back and do the evening class...well hydocodiene sure knocked that train off the tracks. Once I got the cast off I still had ~2 months of PT which was exhausting and painful.

Since then it has been a roller coaster of starting to get in a groove of working out and backsliding. But now it's time to get serious about the whole thing especially if I am going to be doing races.

Friday, July 18, 2008


So I have received a few pictures:

Pictures of the lake

Race Day!!
Me with Fellow Tri clubbers

Ready to swim while shamelessly self promoting

Makeshift run belt

With fellow Tri clubbers after the race

Put Me on a Wheaties Box...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Play That Funky Music, White Boy....

For me music is one of the most important parts of a Spin workout. Having done Spinning classes for over a year now, I have taken classes that have used a variety of types of music…some are good and some, well not so good. For me, choosing the music for a Spin workout is probably one of the hardest parts of putting together a workout. I like for the song to match up with the workout I have planned. One thing I enjoy about teaching SPINNING is that I get to choose the music that gets played. I think part of it is that growing up I was a music buff and I told my parents I was going to be a radio DJ when I grew up and had to get a job( I think the other was a professional comedian). Now during my Freshman year of college I did train to be a DJ with the college radio station but after I finished and was certified I got so busy with classes and other activities that I never really pursued it any further. Now that I am a Spin instructor I can "DJ" to a semi-captive audience.

So the other night I was subbing the evening class at the gym and the workout was supposed to be a reenactment of the Pinebush bike route and I was just going to "go with the flow" on the music since I use my Ipod instead of burning a CD every time. Now I appriiciate most music…not a big fan of Rap or current Top 40 music, I tend more towards the current "Alternative" music plus the 80's and 90's cheese music holds a dear place in my heart (have ~2 gigs of 80's and 1 gig of 90's music currently on my Ipod).

So we were a over half way through the class and as we did the ride I told the class about my experiences during the triathlon. I was doing a recovery and the song I chose was Dinosaur Jr -Feel the Pain, yeah not a widely known song but a nice low key song for a recovery. About half way through the song one of the students said "You need to play happy songs"…so I found a happy song (Jump Jive and Wail – Brian Setzler Band) on the Ipod then proceeded to embarrass myself by finding the cheesiest songs in the collection.

So I subbed again this morning and spent an hour and a half last night putting together an Endurance ride with the following playlist:
Tarzan's Boy –Baltimora (80's)
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots - Flaming Lips (2000s)
Land of Confusion – Disturbed (2000's)
All Over You - The Spill Canvas (Current)
Can't Get Enough of You Baby – Smashmouth (90's)
Goin' Down to New York Town - Counting Crows (90's)
Future's So Bright I Got to Wear Shades - Timbuk 3 (80's)
Pork & Beans – Weezer (Current)
One Step Closer - Linkin Park (2000's)
You Get What You Give - New Radicals (90's)
Rescue Me - Hawthorne Heights (New Release)
I Want A New Drug - Huey Lewis and the News (80's)
We Can Be Heroes - The Wallflowers (90's)
The Underdog – Spoon (Current)
Great DJ - The Ting Tings (New Release)
And We Danced - The Hooters (80's)
Swing Life Away - Rise Against (Current)
Country Roads - John Denver (70's)* probably going to be in every playlist

So it's a bit schizophrenic but it was a fun playlist…hmmm better start working on the playlist for Monday night…thinking Interval Workout

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Triathlon = $$$

Apparently this did not post last night...
So back in January when I first talked to Lisa (Group Exercise director and Tri-Club coach) about the possibility of doing the Pine Bush triathlon little did I know that Triathlons were the Rich Man's Sport. Since the beginning of the year I have spent money on the following preparing for my race:

2 Swim Jammers - $14.95 each $29.90
1 pair Speedo Goggles : $10.55
SWIM TOTAL: $40.45

1 Fuju Newest 2.0 Bike $885.00
1 Bike Helmet $ 40.00
1 pair of Shimano Clip Pedals $ 53.00
1 pair of Bike Gloves $ 16.00
1 Bike Tire Pump $ 26.00
2 Spare Tubes - 4.00 each $ 8.00 (got first tube for free)
1 Multitool $ 20.00
1 Pair or Tire Levers $ 4.00
1 Water bottle holder $ 8.00
(free water bottle)
BIKE TOTAL $1,060.00

New Balance 1110 Running Shoes $114.00

Winter Session 1 $ 45.00 (1 day)
Winter Session 2 $ 45.00 (1 day)
Spring Session $75.00 (2 day)
Summer Session $50.00 (2 day)
Crystal Lake session (Open Swim) $20.00


TOTAL: $1487.00

If you factor in Injuries
2 Doctor Visits ($18 copay) $54.00*
*including X-Ray of knee
8 Physical Therapy Visits ($18 copay) $144.00

NEW TOTAL $1685.00

and I was looking at Cycling jerseys the other day and found one I really like...

and yet I am not ready to part with the $80.00

My wallet hurts…..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So What Now?

So now that I have done my first Triathlon and I have been bitten by the bug.

The other race in the area that is popular is the Crystal Lake Triathlon, which is a 1/2 mile swim, 18 mile bike, and 3 mile run. Unfortunately I am going to be on vacation in California on the day of the race so I have been looking online and found two possible races:
The Fantastic Nantasket Beach Triathlon
Buzzard Bay

But if I don't do either of these I do plan on continuing my training and know where I need to work.

I would like to learn the Total Immersion Technique. and increase my efficiency in the water

I really need to get comfortable and used to shifting the gears into the correct positions. Also need to work on being able to reach down and grab the water bottle while I am riding. Right now I am just focusing on balancing and staying upright.

This is where I need the most work. I think a big part of it is going to be dropping about 20-30 lbs while building lean muscle and strengthening my knee. I bought The Runner's Handbook : The Bestselling Classic Fitness Guide for Beginning and Intermediate Runners

So hopefully I can get some good tips to help me build up and become a better runner. If I can cut 5-10 minutes of my run then that would be awesome and help me improve my race times.

This is all dependent on what I find out next Wednesday when I go to see the doctor about my tendinitis in my right knee which hasn't gone away yet,

Okay really I will post the I have pictures tomorrow.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Race Day: Part 2

Before we get to the exciting conclusion of my first triathlon let me just say I slept like a rock last night until about 4:30 in the morning when the Garbage truck clunked its way through the neighborhood. I managed to roll over and go back to sleep even though my legs felt like a ton of bricks. Last night I was debating whether or not to teach my morning Spin Class at the Albany Y and this morning I decided to go ahead and cancel since I am subbing tomorrow evening, have my regular class on Wednesday morning, and also subbing the 5:30 am class on Thursday. So I slept in a bit and stopped at the Y before heading to work and sat in the hot tub which felt wonderful.



So once I hit the beach and ran up the hill, ripping my goggles and bathing cap off as I went to my transition area. Being in the last heat was both good and bad. Good because I didn't have to deal with a lot of bikes in my way, bad because my transition crate had been knocked around and the stuff I had methodically placed to get in and out quickly had become jostled. I pulled everything out grabbed my bottle of water poured it over the feet, toweled them off quickly and flung the baby powder on them ( I then did a few quick tosses over the shoulder trying to hit my back…but I think I got more on the bike and ground and none on my back.). Threw on my shirt and shorts, threw swim stuff in my bag I put in the crate, choked down 4/5th of a bottle of Gatorade and then put on my helmet and riding gloves and ran the bike to the head of the bike path.

Once on the bike path there were 2 people about 50 yds ahead of me and I tried to keep them in sight the whole time, but I lost them when I accidentally shifted down when I was trying to shift up a gear. For the most part the bike was enjoyable yeah I was passed more than I did the passing but as I passed the volunteers and cops (occasionally asking if they would be willing to switch places) I got my wind back. I did smoke a few of the kids in the younger kids who were doing the race with their parents…who I doubt appreciated the fact that I was smack talking like…Eat my Dust, kiddie or Burned You, slowpoke (okay joking here… I think it's cool and impressive that they were doing the race). Before I knew it I was making the turn off of Old State Rd onto Fuller Station then on Western Ave. I was expecting Old State to be the more difficult part of the race but Western was tough.

I pulled into the Bike to Run transition area and headed to the Batman balloon. Now remember what I said about there being a good and bad thing about being in the last heat for the first transition? There was nothing good about this transition at all. When I found where I had setup that morning, there were bikes blocking my crate of gear. I had to fiddle with peoples bikes, trying to be a nice guy and not knock them over in the process, and grab my gear and ended up plopping down on the ground and changing my shoes and shirt and literally choking while trying to drink my bottle of Gatorade. By this time people had already finished the race and meandering back to their gear so running out of the transition area was almost like maneuvering through an obstacle course.

Total Transition and bike time: 56 min 09 sec. Overall: 349/450

I jogged out of the transition area still trying to get my legs to adjust from being on the bike. Ran down the hill, past one of the coaches who was cheering and once I was around the corner I had to slow down so I could adjust my knee band which ended up giving me fits the whole run. So I started walking just to get my legs back moving when the other coach, the one also racing, was running up the hill towards the finish and told me to get running which I did ..for a little bit. I basically ran for a bit then walked (was trying not to tear my groin muscle or totally screw up my knee). I would pick it back up when I would pass someone I knew who would encourage me, causing me to raise my arms like Rocky and start running again. So as I approached the loop it started to sprinkle which didn't bother me…well as I was half way through the loop heading back out to the main road the skies just opened and it began to pour down the rain. Within seconds I was drenched, couldn't see out of my sunglasses, yet oddly refreshed. So when I got back to the last water station I took some water to rinse my mouth out (I think I was starting to taste Bile) one of the kids asked if he could cool me off by throwing water on me which I politely declined since I was drenched enough already. So I told myself that no matter what I was going to run up the hill and cross the finish running (that and I saw someone in the distance behind me and I was not going to be passed). As I turned the corner the coach was there waiting for me to come back and she was like "You look comfortable with your running" well I couldn't lie and told her I had been walking on and off because of my knee. So I ran up the hill with the coach telling me to relax and reminded me that "we spit on hills" (which I did). Truth be told I was running out of fear of what she would do if started to walk. I turned the corner into the YMCA parking lot and ran across the finish line as the race clock hit 2 hours 8 minutes and 30 seconds.
Total Run Time: 39 min 26 secs. Overall: 356/450

MY TOTAL TIME: 1 Hour 41 Minutes and 31 Seconds. Overall: 349/450

I then had to do what had to be the hardest thing of the whole race... getting my timing chip off without collapsing. I then posed for pictures with the people I trained with, drank a ton of Gatorade, ate some bananas and hung around waiting for them to post the times. Finally after the awards ceremony I caught the shuttle back to the lake to pick up my car and gear at the lake. Then before heading home, I stopped at Fleet Feet and picked up a gift to myself for completing my first(of hopefully many) Triathlon….

I then went home hung up my wet gear and shoes…

Hit the swimming pool and then headed to the Tri-Club Picnic which was fun swapping stories from the day, hanging out, and eating foods like Cheesecake that I tried to avoid for the past months.
Some of the TRI-CLUB members

Overall I am proud of my times…especially for my first race and the injuries I have been dealing with while training. Now that I have a time I can start training in a few weeks to do better next year, a post for later this week perhaps. I think that completing the race ranks up there with such accomplishments as my schooling and earning my Eagle Scout.

I am so ready and pumped to do the Pine Bush Triathlon again next year and perhaps other races this summer if I am clreared by the doctor.
So I was sitting at work this afternoon and I get a phone call at my desk.
The following is the actual conversation...
Me: "Cost and Revenue this is Chad"
"This is the guard"
Now I thought why is the National Guard calling me at this someone pranking me?
"There is a delivery for you down here"
Me: "uh ok be down to pick it up, thanks"
Really I thought this was a it turns out my mother sent me a cookie basket congratulating it made sense why she asked me for the office location when I called after the race to tell her I was still alive and had finished the race.
Who Knew Accomplishment Tasted So Good With Milk?

Well off to bed if I am going to try to make it to Spin at 5:30 am and have to teach the evening class...

I will posting more pictures as people send them to me...I have a few already

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Race Day: Part 1

When we last heard from the Would Be Triathlete there were many unanswered questions. Well join us now as we answer those and perhaps many more...

So last night I finally got in bed at 11 after a few trips to the car to put in some last minute items I finally got to bed and turned out the lights and then tossed in turned for about an hour or so...even played a s few games of solitaire on my Ipod to try and put my brain to sleep. So I finally fell asleep and woke up about 5 am (usual work week time) got dressed, had a bowl of cereal and banana and headed out the door. I got the the Guilderland YMCA about 6:15 and got there the same time as my Tri coach so we walked over and set up our Bike to Run transitions next to each other since we were some of the first people get there. So for the first part of the morning there was a Batman and Smiley balloon uh...doing something inappropriate I guess...
I then went over to the lake to set up my Transition 1 (Swim to Bike) where I had my pick of where I wanted to set up so I picked a place at the top of the racks.
As you can see I was there pretty early. So after setting up my stations I headed back to the car to grab my swim gear and put my shoes and gym shorts in the car and then head to the lake and pick up my timing chip and get ready to race. Before I left the car I decided that I was not above shameless promotion and marked my swim cap...
I know, no one probably saw it or will visit the blog but it was a fun thing to do, maybe next year will do more advertising, thought about taking my Sharpie and writing on the banner there at the lake. So finally they started the race. It was hard and somewhat nerve racking to sit there and wait for the last heat (my heat). Finally it came and I think that it was the longest 3 minutes in my life.

So with ~50 people in the water I understand that some contact is going to happen. Before we reached the first buoy I was kicked in the teeth, not hard but enough to feel it. After making the turn I was making decent time and finding my stroke then I knew I was swimming right next to someone so I decided to pass them but every time I went to dig in and try to pass I got a nice kidney shot. Finally I pulled to the right to the outside. I did manage to to pass some of the people from the previous heat. I just want to say the end of the swim is deceiving because I got to the 2 buoys which I thought marked the beginning of the beach and tried to touch the bottom only find out that I still could not touch the bottom...I thought that the dirt was just stirred up from people exiting the water...not I think that kinda slowed me down a bit.

Total Swim Time: 5 min. 57 sec. Overall Swim place: 67/450
So originally I was going to recap the whole race but the longer I sit here typing (I am debating if I am going to teach Spin in the morning) I can feel the energy just sapped out of me so I will finish up the rest of the story tomorrow.

So I leave you with another cliffhanger...


Did I get any sleep last night??? Did I finish the race??? Did I injure myself??? Am I still alive??? Am I abusing the Question Mark???

Tune in later today to find out...


Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

So being the day before the Pine Bush Triathlon I decided to chronicle my day full of fun and getting prepared:

5:00 AM : Woke up when Sirius Radio alarm went off...forgot to turn it off last night...roll over and go back to sleep
8:00 AM : Wake up, lay in bed stretch and do leg lifts while reading and listening to the radio.
9:00 AM : Roll out of bed, check email, and start cleaning the house
11:00 AM : Haircut...told my stylist I wanted something that would help me run faster
2:00 PM : Reality starts to set in...I'm going to do a triathlon...
3:00 PM : Leave House to go pick up race packet and a few last items for tomorrow
-Stop at the office and pick up digital camera battery
4:15 PM : Arrive at Guilderland YMCA and picked up my Race packet and get marked.
Number "123" a simple number for a simple person

4:45 PM : Stop at grocery store and Hallmark to get Helium balloons
I also decided that I would go ahead and pick up a race belt to hold my number during the run portion. So I knew that they sold them at Fleet Feet where I got my shoes and when I got there one of the ladies who I was in the Tri-club with and who I had just seen at the YMCA had just bought the last one. She tried to give it to me but I declined, being a gentleman and all, saying I would rather today be the day that something goes wrong rather than tomorrow. I then went all over town looking for a race belt to use but to no avail. So I, being the innovative and Boy Scout made my own. A year or so ago I made a belt to wear when I went water skiing out of an old karate belt and a clip from an old cd player holder, luckily I remembered I brought to Albany with me...after 10 minutes of dancing around going:
"I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T! I mean S-M-A-R-T... " I finally stopped when I noticed no one was around to laugh.
I would post a picture but it is already packed in the car...I will try to remember to do it tomorrow evening in my post race report.
7:30 PM : Got home and started some spaghetti noodles and started did a final once over of my gear and pack it in the car

FREYJA strapped in
Swimming Gear

Transition 1 and 2 gear
The Balloons are so I can pick my stuff out from the other 449 bikes and equipment. Funny story about the black milk crate. I had the red one already in my car and asked around to see if anyone had one I could borrow which was NO. So coming home last night I thought ....What the heck I will go will stop at the store and ask if I could have one...Plan B was to steal one. Anyway I was surprised that they were very nice about it and said I could have two but only took one (stupid, stupid Chad) Usually they are protective of stuff like that but the Chad Burdette charm worked, now if it would only work on females.
8:30 PM : Eat/quick dip in the pool to cool off/Watch DVD and write this blog entry
10:30 PM : Bed
I think the race organizers are a sadistic lot. I am in the last heat of the race and the heat before me is the 45-49 age group so I might be swimming over people.

I think I am ready...My knee is a tad bit sore but I have been going easy on it the past few days and my groin has been twinging but nothing major.

Well I need to get my drinks packed so I can just grab them as I go out the door then hopefully in bed by 10:30 so I can be up by 5 AM another words just like a normal day in the life.

See you in the morning....

Friday, July 11, 2008

Stage 3: Run Amok

The Run — The last leg is the 3.25 mile run which is an out and back route with the finish line at the YMCA. The run starts south on Winding Brook Drive to Nott Road when it turns left proceeding eastward. It takes a left turn into a residential neighborhood at Campus Club Drive and left again onto Hiawatha Drive. This is the halfway point of the run. Hiawatha Drive loops around and meets again with Campus Club Drive. The course follows the same route backward to the YMCA and to the Finish Line!

So the final part of the race is the run. Please turn in your copy of The World According to Chad (soon to be available from Amazon) to page 107 and let me quote from the subsection titled "Run...Why?"

Chad's Philosophy on Running
"Webster's defines the word "run" as "to go faster than a walk; specifically : to go steadily by springing steps so that both feet leave the ground for an instant in each step." My personal criteria for running is: 1: Running should only be down when someone is chasing you. 2: Criterion 1 is in effect and the person or thing is trying to do harm or kill you (even then it is questionable if you should in fact run)

I have never been a good runner part of this is due to the "Burdette Knee" I seemed to inherit. If I am running with someone then I am good because I have someone pacing me and I can usually find that get up an go to match pace, however if I try to do it by myself I do more of a run-walk split. This of course is what I am supposed to be doing to try and build up my knee so I don't have to wear the IT band to keep the tendon from moving.

So the run is the weakest part of the race for me. I think if I could lose weight then running would not be so painful. I did a lot of training on the ARC Trainer and leg presses to try and build the leg muscles up but my leg muscles are just so tight and it feels if I could just get them to loosen a bit then I would be more comfortable running.

And you want to know what the kicker is....the last part of the run to the Finish Line is uphill....ugh!!! Well I just hope they can identify my body when they pull it from the weeds on the side of the road.

So tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I have a few more minor things I need to do to be ready for the race plus I have to go and pick up my race packet and get "marked" at the Y. Should be fun...willl pictures and video clips hopefully.

well bed time...up to late...but I had to sneak this one in before the day was technically over

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stage 2: Transitions and Bike

The second leg of the race is the bike which is an 11.5 mile ride from the lake to the Guilderland YMCA.

After exiting the water you have to run up a nice short but steep incline, hope over the wood guardrail and then you are in the Transition 1 area.

Sunday this place will be packed with all the bikes. I think I am going to aim for a spot at the top near the building. So once you get to the transition area the object is to get ob your bike ASAP. This is the stuff I will have for my first transition:
TOP (L-R) Running shirt, Gatorade (to recharge), Helmet (new), towel and water to clean and dry feet.
BOTTOM:Bike shoes and socks, baby powder(get socks and shirt on), bike gloves, Sunglasses, IT Band(for my knee), Shorts (not actual pair I am going to wear)

I will have this in a milk crate so I can sit on the thing and work. Then I can start my bike journey...

The Bike -- The biking leg of the triathlon is 11.5 miles. It begins at the southern end of the lake and follows the paved path west. It turns south on Rapp Road going over the Thruway then turns west on Washington Ave. Extension. At the end of Washington Ave. Extension it turns north on Route 155 / New Karner Road and then west onto Old State Road. Here it re-enters parts of the scenic Pine Bush Preserve and leaves the City of Albany into the Town of Guilderland. The course continues west on Old State Road through the intersection of Route 146 / Carmen Road. It turns south on Fuller Station Road and then east on Route 20 / Western Ave. It follows Western Ave. east past Route 146 and turns south on Mercy Care Lane which leads into the transition area.

I have ridden part of the route about a month ago and it is not that bad. I also drove it last week. There is only one really big hill but you get enough momentum from coming down the hill that you really down't have to work that hard to finish it.

Overall I am not worried about the bike. Still not really comfortable on the bike but I think that I should be alright.

Once you get to the YMCA you go into the Transition 2 area for the final part of the race: the run. I am including it here because both trasition times are included in your bike time.

Not as much stuff for this transition. I will keep the sunglasses, shorts, and IT band and ditch everything else. I will probably switch to a t-shirt but I am not sure which I am going to wear right now.

Well tomorrow I will go over the run part which I am not looking forward too.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No Real Update Tonight

Tonight was Tri-Club and we met at the lake where the race will start on Sunday and went over pre-race and race day information. We got to the see the lake and the first transition area. I am going to wait until tomorrow to cover both transitions and the bike route because I need to make a list of stuff and get it together which I plan to do tomorrow evening.

It will be worth the wait.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stage 1:Splish Splash...

I love to Swim...I have been swimming competitively since I was 5 years old and swimming for the Elkland pool swim team during the summers. Sure there were a few years where I am sure I would have quit if I could have but I am glad my parents made me keep at it. Now I was never a great swimmer but as I said I enjoyed it. I swam two years in High School and even made All County Honorable Mention. The one thing that slowed me up though was my weight issues. Well now that I lost most of that weight and am in better shape (not Micheal Phelps shape...I wish) I am a much better swimmer.

Tonight I went to Crystal Lake and did the swimming part of the course which is roughly 0.55 miles. It felt good to be in the open water. Besides going boating, really the only other time I have done a true Open Water swim was at Scout Camp when I did the mile swim (6 times). I feel really confined swimming laps in the pool and I usually have to deal with someone who is a much slower swimmer than I am or flops around and slaps/kicks me, even if we are sharing the lane.

Not really sure how long the swim took me but I felt good a was a middle of the pack swimmer which was nice because I got to feel what it was like not only to be passed but to pass people. I think the thing tht worries me the most about the swim on Sunday is getting kicked in the face...If I do someone is going down with me. My goggles (red tinted) worked perfect and I had no problems with fogging or water seepage. I also worked on my sighting which I am still trying to get used doing without losing momentum or messing up my stroke cadence. So overall I the swim part is going to be my strongest part of the race. Below is a picture of the swim route.

It starts then takes a 90 degree turn left then its a head on swim to the beach and Transition 1 area. All in all only 325 yards which is basically what I do for a warm up.

Tomorrow I will go over Transition 1 and the Bike portion of the race*

*Dependant on how I feel after the final Tri-club meeting which is a pre race prep and kind of workout...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Monday

So the race is 6 days away...

Today was just blah... I didn't get much sleep last night, it was one of those nights where you look at the clock roll over then roll back over see its a hour or so later then wonder "Did I go to Sleep?"

Spinning class went well, only had 7 people in there but I think thats good for summer and coming off a holiday weekend.

I went to the doctor...NO least yet. He said I have a really bad strain and there is a good chance if I push it during the race I might tear the muscle...another layer of excitement has just been added to my first race. I just hope I don't get the feeling like I got last Tuesday, not going to go into much detail but it felt like a chorus line taking turns kicking me in the crotch.

Took the bike to the shop...I am almost on a first name basis with one of the guys. Anyway the squaking was apparently caused by the wheel hub being to tight or something. I really need to order this book I saw online about road bike maintenance and repair.

Was too worn out to do anything this evening except lay out in the pool and float around, it was soooo nice.

Tomorrow I am going to go to Crystal Lake and do the Open Water swim. It will be a chance to tryout my new goggles which have red lenses.

I will probably start posting the race legs and transition gear tomorrow.

Well off to the bed with me.

Spin Class

So let's see....

Tomorrow I am subbing the 5:30am Spin class at the Y.

So here is the is the workout/play list:







I am also taking the bike into the shop tomorrow. It's squeaking and it alternates between the front and back tires. I have checked the brake calipers and it looks as if they are not rubbing the wheels and it is never consistent. I also have a doctors appointment not going to go into detail but let's just say it involves the one procedure guys dread...

yeah just what I need the week before my first attempt at a Triathlon.

So this week I will be breaking down the race and my thoughts on it.

well off to bed...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sick & Sore

So today I am both sick and sore...

I am over in Connecticut visiting my brother and his wife for the holiday weekend. Thursday night I must have slept on my back wrong because when I woke up Friday morning my mid back was sore. I thought I just needed to stretch it out but it bugged me all of yesterday. Finally when the weather cleared a bit me and my brother's wife went on a bike ride which was supposed to be ~20 miles but my back started killing me and there was this one monster hill. Anyway last night I took a muscle relaxer before going to bed which helped me to sleep.

When I woke up this morning I was feeling sick and have been running back and forth to the bath room (I'll leave it at that). I hope I feel better tomorrow because I supposed to sub a 5:30 am Spin Class Monday morning.

....ugh....gotta run.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm A Dork!

So I have had my bike for about 2 months now and I decided after last week it was time to finally give the bike a name. I think that is why I got the flat tire last week, it was reminding me that it was time to bestow upon it a name upon it.

Now when it comes to naming stuff I am no good, but I went back to my high school English days for the name I finally chose. I have always been a mythology buff mainly because of the stories. I especially am fond of Norse myths so thats where I went to look. Now while Thor and Odin are cool names, my FUJI Newest 2.0 is a female so my choices were limited but I found the perfect name...FREYJA.

Freyja is a major goddess in Norse Paganism, a subset of Germanic Paganism. Because the documented source of this religious tradition, the Norse Mythology, was transmitted and altered by Christian medieval historians, the actual role, heathen practices and worship of the goddess are uncertain.

In the Eddas, Freyja is portrayed as a goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful, Freyja is described as the fairest of all goddesses, and people prayed to her for happiness in love. She was also called on to assist childbirths and prayed to for good seasons.

Freyja was also associated with war, battle, death, magic, prophecy, and wealth. She is cited as receiving half of the dead lost in battle in her hall Fólkvangr, whereas Odin would receive the other half at Valhalla. The origin of Seid was ascribed to Freyja.

Frigg and Freyja are the two principal goddesses in Norse religion, and described as the highest amongst the Asynjur. Freyja is the goddess most honoured after or along with Frigg, and her worship seems to have been even the more prevalent and important of the two. In the Droplaugarsona Saga, it is described that in a temple at Ölvusvatn, Iceland, statues of Frigg and Freyja have been seated upon higher thrones opposite those of Thor and Freyr. These statues were arrayed in drapery and ornaments of gold and silver.

In Heimskringla, Freyja is also presented as a mythological Princess of Sweden. Her father Njörðr is seen as the second mythological King of Sweden, and her brother Freyr is the third. Freyr and Freyja's mother is Njörðr's sister (who has been often linked to the ancient Germanic goddess Nerthus, as it is a custom of the Vanir and allowed by their laws.

Further in Heimskringla, it is written that many temples and statues of native pagan gods and goddesses were raided and destroyed by Olaf Tryggvason and Saint Olaf during the gradual and violent process of the Christianization of Scandinavia. During and after the extent that the process of Christianization was complete, Freyja and many things associated with her were demonized by the growing influence of Christian missionaries. After Christian influence was cemented in law, traces of belief went increasingly underground into mainly rural areas, surviving into modern times in Germanic folklore and most recently reconstructed to varying degrees in Germanic neopaganism.

I hope you read it all that...test next week.
Yeah so that was probably more than you wanted to but I think it is an appropriate name especially about being associated with war, battle, death, and prophecy. She is cited as receiving half of the dead lost in battle in her hall Fólkvangr.

So yeah I'm a dork and I know it but what are you going to do about it.


So as I mentioned in the first post I have been blogging on and off on my regular blog about my training so here are the links if you want to play catch up and read my previous posts just follow the links...

I Did My Part...
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Catch Up...
Two Weeks Away

I know shameless self promotion...

I will back this evening with a post with some substance...hopefully

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Welcome to My New Blog

First off….Welcome to my new Blog.

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my sports related experiences, antecedents, thoughts, and injuries.

Over the past few months I have been posting this type of stuff on my regular blog but felt that the time had come and I was doing this on a regular basis that it would warrant its own separate blog…which of course is !BONK! Confessions of a Would Be Tri-Athlete. Since the beginning of the year I have been training for my first sprint Triathlon by participating in the Tri-Club at the gym. Through this experience I have met people who are experienced tri-athletes and noobies like me. I am also a Mad Dogg certified Spinning Instructor and teach and sub at the local YMCA's.

Now for me coming up with a name for the blog was hard but I think I came up with cool and catchy one. It took me awhile but after looking at the jargon associated with the sport I came up with the current title.

Bonking" or "Bonk" is the term used to describe the feeling of running out of energy. It's the point where your body has depleted its glycogen reserves and it feels like you absolutely have no energy or fuel in your body at all. Most triathletes have great "bonk" stories…just ask them. The best way to not bonk while you are training or racing is to eat often. Your body has about an hours worth of glycogen stored, its important to not deplete all of this reserve while training or racing cause once its gone, it will take a long time to restore your depleted tank.

This term and a little idea stealing from one of my favorite documentaries, Confessions of a Superhero, which is about would-be actors in Hollywood, captures my somewhat twisted look when it comes to me and anything sports related.

Anyway I hope you come back…if nothing else to hear all the injury stories…they don't call me MR. LUCKY at work for nothing.