Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Back

So I wasn't going to post anything tonight but my insomnia is back and I don't want to be upstairs staring at the ceiling, so if I have to suffer so do you...well I guess you could stop reading. So I did the 5:30am Spin Class this morning...gotta love hill attacks first thing in the morning.

I was considering going out to Crystal Lake and doing the Swim Course but it was pouring the rain so I went to the gym and figured I would do the evening Spin class. Got there around 4:30 figured I would make the class interesting by doing 450yds (swim distance of my next race....hopefully) swam the distance in about 10 minutes hopped out, changed and headed upstairs to the Spin room. When I got there the fitness director said that Lisa, who was subbing for Jen, was not able to make it and asked if I wanted to sub for the sub. So I said that I would since I had my stuff already there from last night's class. Basically did the same workout with a different playlist that I made up as I went. I told the class that tonight I would be a benevolent Go...instructor and let them choose 80's, 90's, current, or mix and the first response was 80's so thats what I used:
My book on running came today so I going to take it with me to read at the doctor's office. I hope I find something out about my wrist and knee...

Okay back upstairs to bed and try to to get up to teach Spin in 4 hrs

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jeffjameseminole said...

I thought I was the only one to have the Indy theme on a playlist...nice one!